We debunk 4 big fitness myths

Ever since man first became aware and evolution put the foot on the accelerator, our society has became increasingly health conscious. The earliest hieroglyphics depicted a primordial man besting a sabre-toothed tiger with a kettle bell. Maybe I am exaggerating but the point I am trying to emphasise is that fitness and health are synonymous […]

5 reasons why battle ropes are brilliant for exercise

When we think of rope, we normally think of it as something to tie things up with. More and more though, it is starting to be used for fitness purposes, with the use of battle ropes in particular now appearing in gyms and homes around the world. Here are 5 easy ways to use a rope to keep fit. You’ll still have to tie it to something!

Go heavy or go home

Mind your lower back

Too many people complain of lower back pain. Prevention is the first step and that starts with paying attention to some exercises that can damage your back if done incorrectly. Here are some exercises to look out for.