When should you move to split training?

Have you been training your whole body in one go for a while now? Do you think it’s time to start split-training? Here are the drawbacks to whole-body workouts; see if you are being limited by them and if it’s time to move on to split-training.

Fight the Christmas gluttony with a home workout

As the festive season approaches, so do the opportunities for excesses in all forms. On of the forms that leave consequences hard to get rid of is excess weight. Whether temptation comes in the form of chocolates, multiple Christmas parties and lengthy family meals, you need to stay in control of your diet, health and […]

Free weights vs machines

The free weights vs machine debate has been going ever since machines have made their way into the gym. This is Iron Simba‚Äôs attempt at clarifying this issue. So when should you use machines and free weights in your training? The answer is that it depends on what you seek to achieve and where you […]

Hardgainer: training big, eating big

Hardgainers by definition have a tough time trying to put on weight. That includes fat as well as muscle. They are often perceived as being more disadvantaged than others in the gym because they are slow to grow muscle and therefore increase the weight they can lift. But this disadvantage can be turned into a […]

Why should you do compound exercises?

Most modern gyms nowadays boast an array of fancy, sophisticated and sometimes intimidating machines that work your muscles. Many beginners are lured by the shiny looks and impressive pulleys, pads, cables and handles of these machines, thinking that such sophisticated machinery must surely work muscles better than a plain simple barbell. Well, barbells and dumbbells […]