10 Epic Battle Rope Exercises

One of the great things about battle ropes is that they are so versatile. One piece of kit can be used for so many different exercises, meaning even if the gym is busy you can get a great all-body workout in with just the one bit of kit. It’ll keep your workout time down, because you won’t be waiting for machines.


Battle ropes have been a popular bit of workout kit for a while, and in this article we’re going to share 10 Epic Battle Rope Exercises that you can add into your workouts today…


  1. Power Slams




These are a great whole-body exercise. Hold the rope in each hand and extend your hands overhead and standing as tall as possible, before quickly slamming your hands down towards the floor (but keep hold of the rope). Repeat.


  1. Squat and Slam




This looks similar to the standard power slam, but as you forcefully slam the rope into the floor, you drop into a deep squat. To start the next slam, you stand out of the squat, extend your arms overhead and perform the next slam.


  1. Inside Circles & Outside Circles



This exercise is a real shoulder-burner! Hold the ropes in each hand and rotate them both, making large circles with your hands. You can do this exercise clockwise or anti-clockwise and improve your shoulder health and conditioning.


  1. Double Waves



For the double arm waves, stand in a half-squat position and focus on a fast, shallow up and down movement of the rope. The idea is to be less explosive than the power slam, but moving much faster.


  1. Classic Waves



Single arm waves are the same as the double arm waves, but done in an alternating fashion. The one arm at a time movement creates an alternating ripple effect on the rope. This can be programmed to be easier than the double arm wave (because each arm is doing half the reps), or the same intensity by making the set twice as long.


  1. Wrestler Throws



Hold the rope with a reverse grip, handles pointing up. Assume a quarter squat position and lift the ropes high and hard to the side, before slamming them down towards the floor. Rotate your entire torso to complete the movement.


Repeat the movement from one side to the other, alternating sides for the entire set.


Paired Battle Rope Exercises


Battle ropes exercises can be used in partnership with other circuit style exercises, making them more challenging. It also makes an exercise you’d previously written off as boring a much more interesting alternative to the original version!


Paired battle rope exercises are a great addition to a HIIT Circuit, making workouts more challenging without adding extra exercises or making the workout duration longer.


  1. Jump Squats into Power Slams




This is a really challenging exercise combo. Perform a jump squat, where you explode from a deep squat into a jump. On the way down you perform a double arm power slam with the same technique as the standard power slam.


  1. Plyometric Lunges into Waves


Plyometric lunges are also known as split jumps, where you perform alternating lunges by jumping between them. Whilst you’re doing this, perform the fast paced, double waves as mentioned earlier.


  1. Lateral Whip



Grab the rope by the ends with an overhand grip. Open your hands high and wide overhead, then slam the ropes down to the floor. It’s a great shoulder conditioning exercise and allows you to perform a lot of very safe reps.


  1. Big to Small Double Wave with Squat



This is a tough exercise for anyone! Assume a good squat position and perform a ‘big’ wave, similar to a power slam, followed by a small ‘classic’ wave. Alternate the two exercises whilst maintaining a good squat position.


Big wave, small wave, big wave, small wave etc, all whilst squatting. It’s a tough one!


10 Epic Battle Rope Exercises: Concluded


Hopefully this list of 10 epic battle rope exercises will transform your training and make you think more about using one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment there is! You’ll get a whole workout in and only have to use one item of the gym equipment!


A variety of battle ropes are available.  If you plan to use at home try the 32mm as a starting point.

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