Blonde running on the treadmill

5 reasons to use the treadmill in the gym

It’s the time of the year when people exercise the least. The grey weather outside, constant drizzle and freezing temperatures for those who are in winter make it very hard to find motivation to exercise. Fortunately, there is always the treadmill, as long as you manage to step in the gym at least, or have one at home. Here are 5 reasons to use the treadmill in the gym instead of running outside.

Blonde running on the treadmill

The weather

That’s right, you don’t want to have to dependent on the weather to run. No one likes to run in the rain. If you run on the treadmill, you can do it come rain or sun, wind or snow, day or night. And even if it’s winter outside, the temperature in the gym will always be comfortable enough, so you don’t have to use the weather as an excuse. Of course, if it’s bright and sunny, why stay indoors?

Easy joints

If you run on the pavements, pounding the treadmill instead will give immense relieve to your joints. The human body is very adaptable in most circumstances and will be able to absorb the stress that you impose on the joints when running. But if you do it year in, year out, when you’ll be in your old age you may start to notice the consequences. Better take precautions now when you still feel nothing and your joints and still healthy. If you don’t like running on the treadmill, at least run on grass to absorb the shock.

Warming up

If you go to the gym to lift weights, you still need a general body warm-up or a few movements to get you in the mood and get your blood flowing. I find running the most demanding cardio exercise compared to rowing, cycling, spinning or swimming. For me, just a few minutes of high-speed running can warm me up and raise my heartbeat.

You could run outside but if you’re already in the gym and it is wet and cold outside, why not use the treadmill instead? You will have fewer reasons not to warm up that way!

Cooling down

Many people don’t bother cooling down after they exercise, but when you’ll get old enough, you’ll appreciate it more. If you’re already doing a cardio exercise, it’s easy to cool down with the same exercise. If you are lifting weights, then a few minutes of cardio – the treadmill for e.g. – after your workout is a good way to cool down.

Again, you’re already in the gym, so why not step up on the treadmill to wind down your grueling session?

Cardio exercises

Lifting weights only makes you only partially fit. You need to work you heart, your endurance and these slow-twitch muscles. The best way to do all this is of course through cardio exercise. And if you have already motivated yourself to exercise today and made it to the gym, then using a cardiovascular machine such as the treadmill that’s already there is the best way to add a cardio exercise to your training, making you able to run after the bus!

In general, the free weights area in gyms can get very busy while there very often plenty of free treadmills. So get going without having to fight your way through.

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