9 ways to stay motivated at exercising

Exercising is not something that comes easily to many adults. It takes a deliberate effort, to schedule 30 minutes a day, to keep the body healthy, fit and trim. According to fitness experts, below are the top 9 simple ways to stay motivated and have a healthy body.

Man and woman on a cross-trainer

1. Make it convenient

If it is not easy to find a fitness class, you are more than likely not going to go. Fit Mapped is a website that can help you find fitness classes, which are nearby and will fit your financial needs and fitness level.

2. Step it up

A pedometer is a great tool, to set and meet fitness goals. If you walk regularly, try adding a jog. Take the stairs, whenever possible. Once you “step it up” you will find yourself walking more often. So, instead of driving, you will perform many local errands, whenever possible.

3. Exercise for the endorphins

The body naturally releases a chemical known as endorphins, and this chemical generates an overall mental and physical feeling of happiness. Endorphins can bind themselves to neuron receptors, and produce the same effects as some pain drugs on the market. Many long distance runners experience something referred to as a “runners high”, and this reduces overall stress, negative thoughts and appetite.

4. Buddy Up

Not only will a workout buddy make a workout session more fun, but they will offer some accountability, and this will help you stay focused and inspired. It happens to all of us that we just don’t feel like heading to the gym, but having someone nearby to cheer you on, is a great mental motivator.

5. Rethink your exercise attitude

Stop thinking of exercise negatively, because of your excess weight gain. Think of it as a wonderful and normal part of your everyday routine. Any negative thoughts, associated with working out, should be replaced with the positive thoughts of the many mental and physical benefits that exercise provides. The right mind set plays a vital role in motivation, so remember to think of exercise as a luxury (something you love to do), and not as a chore or necessity that you dread.

6. Take advantage of the computer

The internet offers unlimited fitness classes (many that are free – which is a bonus); including learning the benefits of yoga. A few high-intensity moves, in combination with yoga stretches, and you can be burning calories in less than 15 minutes. YouTube is an excellent resource for free online exercise moves.

7. Turn on the Tunes

It has been researched and proven, by the Brunel University School of Sports and Education that listening to music, while exercising, will increase endurance levels by 10% or more. Also, music seems to have the ability to increase motivation, for those that are just starting out in the world of lifestyle fitness.

8. Set mini-goals

Big goals are great, but when they are not reached in a short period, discouragement sets in. It is for this reason that mini-goals must be set and met. Motivation is increased, as each mini-goal is met.

9. Variety is the key

Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to exercise, it will keep you focused, motivated, and help you reach your goals quicker. A good variety of training exercises can include, but are not limited to high and low impact aerobic exercises, core strength, group exercise sessions, weight training, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). So, you are encouraged to keep rotating your exercise programs, as this will keep your mind focused, your spirit motivated, and all your muscles working at the same intensity level.


The Coventry University conducted a study that showed, that caffeine (from coffee) may help individuals stay motivated, and improve endurance during exercise routines. Coffee may reduce the buildup of adenosine. This chemical is responsible for making it difficult for muscles to exert force, which can make your muscles feel weak (especially during exercise).

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