About Iron Simba

Welcome to Iron Simba, a blog dedicated to making the most of your training in the gym. You will find detailed descriptions of exercises, how to vary them, tips and more. Iron Simba is a blog that tries to sift through the tonne of information in the fitness and muscle-building world and try to present to readers straightforward advice.

Who is Iron Simba?

I’m a big fan of weight-lifting and have been training in the gym for many years, in fact since being a teenager. I learnt over the years and I am still learning today and trying out new techniques as new machines and new ideas come up all the time. This blog is to share my passion with others and help them learn from what I know.

Why is this blog different from others? All the articles, descriptions, tips and techniques have been written after years of experience and trial and error. What you read is what was tried. Mistakes were made so you don’t have to go through them again.

Are you a complete beginner who is attempting to do dumbbell presses just after completing your second set of bench press? Are you going to use the same weight? Better not, unless you want to see them crashing down on you. It’s much harder to balance a heavy dumbbell in each hand whilst still pressing up and to exhaustion. That’s why dumbbell presses are so good.

Are you doing shoulder presses with a barbell? Should the barbell be behind the neck or at the front? Which one is best? What about the lats pulldown exercise? Should the bar be pulled down in front of you or behind your neck? What are breathing squats?

Welcome aboard!

If you have any questions, please write to me, spensar@live.co.uk


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