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Bodybuilding at a Young Age: Workout Routines for Young Adults

Most times you will find young people who want to increase the size of their muscles and they are doing everything possible to make that happen. I smile whenever I see these young people come into my gym to start out their bodybuilding journey. The reason I smile is that, when I was at a younger age, people of our age were not allowed to do things like bodybuilding.

Starting bodybuilding at a young age has so many benefits that it gives. It can prove to be a way to improve you overall health in the long term. Research has shown that those who started exercising their body at a young age tend to live healthier and longer at the later years. The reason for this is that, most of your bones and ligaments tend to be more flexible and also keep you mentally alert.

Thinking about starting your bodybuilding routine, you need to pay attention to so many things that range from your workout routines to your diet to the gym that you will go for your workout sessions, you need to address every one of these issues before you can go ahead and start your muscles building program. But for the purpose of this article, we are going to talk about different workout routines that you can use to grow the size of your muscles faster than you imagined.

Ripped torso

Push Ups

The reason why I put this as the first routine that you use in workout routine is because of the results that it offers. If you have ever seen someone who used push up as one the routines to build his muscles, then you will agree with me that its results are not deniable.

For you get maximum effect of the pushups that you do, then you have to make sure that you do more reps and that you do them more regularly. If you are looking forward to growing your muscles mass by just doing 10 or 20 reps of pushups, then you are just taking a smooth journey that will take you nowhere. It very paramount that you intensify your workout sessions and by doing more reps of pushups, you will get more blood to flow into your muscle tissue and when that happens, the muscle tissues begin to burst or break and then repair and with the repair comes bigger and stronger muscles.

Weight Lifting

Training for strength or building your muscles involves so many workouts and one of the workout routines that you have to do regularly and with great intensity is weight lifting. Most bodybuilders that have achieved so much with their workouts will attest to the fact that the over 40% of the success they achieved from going to the gym for bodybuilding came from lifting weight. There are different kinds and sizes of weights that you can lift in the gym. For your age I suggest you go with weights that compliment your age.

This is one of the reasons why you should enroll in a gym that has certification from the Bodybuilding Association, because any gym that is certified has the different recommendation of weights that people of different age groups should use.

Once you have the right weight that compliments your age, you should then put in your best into making sure that you push your body above its limits. Being a fitness trainer, I can tell you that, the more you lift weights, the more you make your muscle tissue burst and rebuild.

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Cardio Exercises

If you want to increase the rate at which you do your workouts, then you have to include cardio workouts into your routines. At this age, your level of strength is so high that you can do anything at any time. With this strength you can do some cardio exercises that will increase your intensity. This is reason why I start out my workout sessions with cardiovascular exercises; they release hormones that will boost workout productivity.

In case if you don’t know what cardiovascular exercises are, these are the exercises which increase the rate at which your heart beats and the increase of your heart beat comes the release of those hormones which will accelerate your intensity whenever you start your workout routines. The different cardio workout that you can use with other workout routines include, running, fast paced walking, jogging, tread mill exercise, jumping rope etc.

Bicycle Sit Ups

This is another bodybuilding workout you can use to increase the size of your muscle. This particular exercise for bodybuilding works a bit differently from other exercise although there are some that are just like it.

This workout works to help tone your abdominal muscle which is a part of the body that some bodybuilders don’t pay attention just because they don’t know the importance of toning up their abdominal muscles when they are trying to increase the size of their muscles.

To do this workout, lay on the floor with your face facing the ceiling, and your legs raised at 90 degree angle. Move your leg as if you are riding a bike and move your right elbow to meet your left knee and your left elbow to meet your right knee. You can repeat this from 30-40 reps, 4 or 5 times in a day.

The Isometric Superman

This exercise has many variations and works on the shoulders, back, hamstrings and the glutes. To perform the isometric superman, lie on your stomach with the arms extended in front of you, then raise everything leaving your abdomen toward the ceiling. Retract your shoulders and drop them away from your ears.

Body Raise

Doing this routine regularly will increase your muscle mass faster than you ever imagined, this workout will require a body pulling machine that will help you to pull the whole of your body up and with your strength you can stay pulled up for some seconds.

Like I said before, you will need a body pulling machine for you to do this workout routine and you can get this equipment in any gym that has up to date to bodybuilding facilities. To perform this routine, hold the pulley rod which is above you with your hands, and then gradually lift your whole body weight up towards the ceiling. You can lift high depending on the level of your strength and stay up in the air for about 3 seconds and after release yourself. If you are just beginning in your bodybuilding routines, you can do about 10-15 reps of 4 sets every day.

If you can do these different workout routines and do them effectively consistently, you will build up your muscles to that monster size in few weeks. There is nothing hard about trying to build for strength if you know the different workout routines that will give you the best bodybuilding results.

One thing that you have to also consider and pay close attention to will be your nutrition, being a bodybuilder, you will need foods that will help you build the damaged tissues in your muscles and it is when this muscles that were damaged are repaired that you start to see the effects of your workout routines.

This way I draw the curtains on this topic, but I hope you learned some things that will help you on your bodybuilding program. Apply these different and you will be so glad you did.


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