Man using an elliptical trainer

Choosing between a treadclimber and an elliptical trainer

Man using an elliptical trainer

When the home workout room has a limited amount of space or the budget that you can allocate for a new fitness machine is not that extensive, most exercise enthusiasts are faced with the difficult choice between the treadclimber and the elliptical trainer. While it is advisable to read both the best treadclimbers and the best elliptical reviews, the details required for an objective comparison between the two workout devices is generally missing.

Reviews versus comparison

The best elliptical reviews and treadclimber reviews can only inform you about the capabilities of each model and youWoman on a treadclimber are no closer to making the correct decision after reading them. Therefore, let’s take a look at how well the two fitness machines are able to score in a head-to-head comparison based on the important fitness aspects.

Upper body too

First of all, it is necessary to point out the fact that although the treadclimber and the elliptical trainers are primarily created for lower-body aerobic workouts, the latter can also be used to train the muscles in the upper section of the body via the handlebars. It is fairly true that the elliptical trainer model and its design will play a major role in determining if you can develop a high level of upper body muscle mass, all elliptical machines maintain this section of the body active and toned during the routine.


Furthermore, keep in mind that unlike the elliptical trainer, the treadclimber has only hit the market recently and there are very few manufacturers to choose from. The other aspect associated with the recent development of the treadclimber resides in the fact that the system may not be completely optimized and adapted for each type of individual user. Therefore, the effectiveness could vary from person to person and if you have not tried this machine successfully before, it all boils down to whether you are willing to take the risk or not.

Walking versus stepping

Next, don’t forget that while the goal of the elliptical trainers is basically to emulate walking or jogging, the focus of the treadclimber falls on simulating stepping (walking on lowest intensity settings). The concept of the treadclimber is based on hydraulic tension and the intensity of the exercise routine can be set by adjusting it.

Types of resistance

On the other hand, the best elliptical trainers works via electromagnetic resistance that modifies the effort required to move the pedals and the handlebars. In addition, the proprietary features of the elliptical trainers are the ability of providing high speed, light resistance routines, whereas for the treadclimbers are the exact opposite.

Expensive elliptical trainer

Lastly, the decision process should also take into account the price considerations, as while the cost of acquiring a treadclimber varies between 1,000 and 3,000 dollars, the elliptical trainer price can easily reach 7,000 dollars (fancy high-end gym equipment).


Once you have reached a conclusion regarding the ideal fitness machine based on the aforementioned characteristics, it is finally time to read the best elliptical reviews and the best treadclimber reviews in order to make an educated purchase decision. Take into account the manufacturer, the options, customer and expert recommendations and you will surely acquire the best workout device that money can buy. Good luck!

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