Shoulders of a giant

Wide shoulders, along with lots popping out like wings, a narrow waist and thick legs, serve to shape the silhouette of a body and define someone as a true weight-lifter. To build Atlas shoulders, you need to think big and lift big. Deltoids-burning front and lateral raises won’t pile on the meat. Make sure you […]

Squat for growth

Legs are perhaps one of the most neglected bodyparts among novice weight-lifters. Beginners tend to trains ‘showy muscles’ such as the biceps and the chest. It is also true that leg workouts are very taxing on the body, mainly because they constitute such a large group of muscles. For this very reason, neglecting to work […]

Pullover technique

The pullover is an excellent exercise to make your wings pop out. In other words, it places a lot of emphasis on the external parts of the latissimus dorsi, the biggest muscle of the back. When this muscle is over developed, it hangs out under either side of the arms and gives the impression of […]

Bench press technique

Most guys who start training at the gym want to have an impressive chest and biceps. And the bench press is pretty good at building up the pectoral muscles. However, in order to get the most from the bench press, don’t just pile on the plates but learn the correct technique described here to bench […]