Women’s clothing options for running

There is something quite liberating about an outdoor run. It is a time to switch off your phone, switch off your mind and focus solely on the rhythm of your legs pounding the pavement. No matter how much we may love running, sometimes, we all need new workout gear to motivate us to take that run early in the morning or late after a long day at work.
With the holiday season around the corner, we know that it is a time where we will be eating more than usual. More than that, it is a time of gift giving and appreciation so why shouldn’t we buy a present for us and splurge on a new workout gear to take us to our runs in the new year?
There are many great options for your next workout gear and below are three options with style and comfort specifically kept in mind.

running woman in shorts

The sexy runner

If you want to be comfortable but still feel sexy and stylish while running, then pair up a well fitted sports bra with a sleeves top that has a wide side, so that the bra peaks out of your side and you can show some skin while still looking perfect for a run. Finish off the look by pairing it with great yoga pants  – The Upside has a wide range for you to find the perfect pair .

The cool runner

If you don’t want to wear tight yoga pants to run but you are bored of the overdone plain jogger pants then invest in a pair of jogger pants with a leather side panel for a cool touch. You can also go for a two tone pant where the side panel would have a bold bright colour. Joggers are looser than yoga pants but that does not mean you should go for the shapeless kind by buying it a size bigger. Pair the pants with a fitted tank top or a fitted zip up if it is cold outside and bring the cool touch to your run.

The leggy runner

If you love showing off your hard work and it is warm outside then go for a great pair of running shorts. Unlike the everyday shorts, make sure the ones you buy for running are comfortable and not too tight to that they will not keep going up your leg with your every move. Pair the shorts with a T-shirt to cover up your shoulders if it is sunny outside and wear ankle socks with your sneakers.
Besides these three outfit ideas, there are other things you should keep in mind. First things first, make sure you wear the right kind of underwear ¬– lace, frills and thongs will cause chafing when running so opt for cotton underwear instead. When it comes to the sneakers, invest in a pair that is right for the shape of your foot before looking at style.

Picture credit: fitnessviking.com

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